We build and install water features such as poolspondsstreamsfountains, birdbathswaterblades and waterfalls for homeowners within Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg.

We do not mind the scale of the project, whether it’s smallcomplex or simple. We help to set the tone for a great garden ranging from straightforward accent pieces to key focal points. Water features are not merely decorative art, but create a tranquil oasis and natural fortress at the comfort of your home; they make your garden look bigger and can attract lovely birds and other wildlife, even beneficial insects. We can also incorporate light which creates a beautiful ambiance at night.


Here are our options to help determine what fits your particular taste and lifestyle.

Ponds: They add a large dose of atmosphere and liveliness to any garden. We can install a simple pool with an added bubbler, or perhaps a large koi or carb pond with rock features and waterfalls. They are quite versatile.

Fountains: They are perfect for homes in reducing noise while creating a calming sound. There’s just something mesmerizing about watching the water trickle down. They also act as natural humidifiers. Recirculating fountains are one of the easiest and most cost-effective water features, from the ever-popular bubbling vase, to a core-drilled boulder, to a more classical multi-tiered fountain – there are various choices. 

Streams: These are ideal for meandering along paths and walkways to create stunning features in bigger gardens. Rocks and plants can be incorporated with your artificial stream creating the impression that it has been created by nature.

Birdbaths: If you’re an avid bird watcher or simply love their sound in your garden, a birdbath would be ideal. We provide the perfect location for them – so they are safe for birds. Not positioned under a feeder or a tree that sheds regularly to avoid dirt and debris which fosters bacteria; not too close to windows that can cause injuries or collisions; and not accessible to predators. Parent birds will often bring their babies to bath after they fledge.

Waterfall Features: They may look natural with rough stones and stair shapes, or artificial like a bowl, a can or even a repurposed piano. There are also options for unusual waterfall designs without ponds, with just stones below – a very beneficial idea if you have young children or pets.

Waterblades: They have become very popular, particularly in contemporary themes. They are metallic blades that alter the flow of water to form a continuous curtain of water which cascades into some form of pond or reservoir. Incorporating LED lights to illuminate the blade of water at night-time can create a show-stopping piece. They are typically built into brick walls.