We encourage the collection of rain -, grey -, storm - and underground (bore-hole) water and provide both harvesting - as well as storage and pump systems for homeowners within Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg. Depending on the quality of the water harvesting system installed, the water can be used for domestic use, irrigation and grey water appliances.

All in an effort to re-use one of earth’s most precious resources – we love to make your garden not only more attractive, but gentle and sparing on water. Not only will this help you contribute to using earth’s resources sustainably, but will cut down on unnecessary costs and make you self-sufficient.  

Rain Water: It’s a very effective way to self-supply a household with water. Usually collected from the roof of your home and used for many different reasons, such as watering of plants especially edible gardens, pets, irrigation, domestic use (if properly treated), indoor heating and even groundwater discharge.

Grey Water: Re-using your laundry, bath and dishwasher water (and even the condensation from your air-conditioner) to give to your plants can have tremendous benefits. It takes a chunk out of the amount of fresh water you use, decreasing your electricity and water bills.  

Bore-hole water: This is a great alternative to being dependent on your conventional municipal supply. Your underground water source can be utilised for irrigation, your swimming pool and even domestic use if regularly tested and treated.