We provide the building and creation of entertainment areas, such as bomas, fire pits, braai areas and decks, as well as the installation of finishes such as synthetic lawns, unique paving, coping and cladding for homeowners within Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg.


Our aim is to encourage outdoor living, since we have such a beautiful South African climate. It is our passion to design outdoor spaces that invite you to the open-air to enjoy all of nature’s elements. We create new settings or transform already-existing spaces into visually pleasing, comfortable, yet functional settings for outdoor hosting, entertainment or for simple relaxation. Our expertise and skills include the building and renovation of swimming pools as the perfect cooldown solution for your outdoor adventures.


People are different and need outdoor spaces for various personal reasons, but we all want to make full use of our sunny South Africa. We consider your requirements and lifestyle in this regard. Some love to host and need an area where they can watch the game and braai. Some need to escape from a busy work day and need a place to unwind and relax. Others want to sip on their favourite wine and have enthusiastic conversations with their friends. Others need a place where their children can play and explore in a safe environment, while they watch, yet also feel calm and comfortable. Whatever the usage for your outdoor setting, we will ensure that you experience quiet, quality and enjoyable moments here.




Bomas: It’s an exceptionally unique gathering place and the word originates from the Swahili language which is traditionally known as an enclosure, a stockade or a fort to protect livestock. They have become synonymous with South African homes, safaris and lodges, because a roaring fire is a pleasure, made to enjoy under the African sky. We love to create a space where you can lit a fire, make delicious foods, gather with your friends and family, braai marshmallows with the kids, eat, drink and share great stories. A boma is a wonderful addition to any large or small garden.


Fire Pit: A boma is not complete without a fire pit, but even standalone in smaller spaces, they create warmth and a great atmosphere for conversation. We also ensure that your fire pit is practical, has a built-in drain for rain as well as washing the ash away. We utilise materials that are fireproof and durable.


Braai Areas: The braai is a sacred activity for South Africans, thus incorporating an area for this becomes essential. Our well-planned braai areas whether on a balcony, porch, terrace or under a lapa, become the choice for meetings, receptions, parties, play-dates, sport nights and family events.


Decking: It adds dimension to your yard and transforms the way it is used. It’s a lovely way to give you extra space. You could even use your deck for storage underneath. We utilise materials that look in place with the environment and your home.




Synthetic Lawns: Apart from it being visually stunning, it’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t require water, fertilizer and you can ditch your lawn mower. Suited for our modern busy lifestyle, artificial grass becomes a great low maintenance alternative. It blends effortlessly with gardens and established planting beds. It’s perfect for children, dogs and family pets. It’s fast draining and eradicates the issue of muddy footprints. It will transform your outdoor living areas and is ideal for shaded areas where real grass doesn’t want to grow. 


Paving: Paving is not only essential for aesthetic appeal or to bring about a royal look, but is installed to protect. Natural elements like rain, wind and storms can wreak havoc on an unpaved area, and can also pose dangerous to swimming pools and boundary walls. An area that receives a lot of feet can also become quite an eyesore if left unpaved. Simulated brick paving or interesting patterns give the most beautiful look. Our creative ability to incorporate colour provides the magical ability to give an illusion of a wider space, lift the atmosphere of the property and establish a harmonious environment. A paved surface is also more durable and cost-effective to maintain. 


Coping: To create a coordinated and balanced look to any space requires the tops and edges of walls and your swimming pool to be done well. Whether it’s brick, stone or concrete that will flow well with your home’s current look, we ensure that it’s properly sealed upon installation so that it maintains its natural strength and beauty.


Cladding: It is the exterior finishing meant to protect the underlying structure, plus it improves the appearance and gives character and feel to a space. It’s also essential for thermal insulation, weather resistance, a control element for noise and could prevent the spread of fire in some instances.