Our swimming pool renovations services are available to residential as well as commercial pool owners, situated within Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg. 

Do you want to change the shape, increase or decrease its depth, relocate it, resize it, fix cracks, install new weirs or new lights (LED), re-plaster or remodel? We are experts in pool renovations and can help you with the insertion of new coping and/or new mosaic, plus our speciality is both for marblelite or fiberglass pool linings. Our services also include the reinstallation of piping, pool pumps, sand changes and/or filter changes.

From revamping the entire area around your pool from the paving, concreting, lawn to adding Jacuzzis, water features, solar panels to giving your deck a makeover – we do it all!  

If you’re ready to show your pool some love, give it a facelift or you feel it’s time for a major backyard upgrade, give us a call.

Pool resizing and modification or total reshaping  

Many people wonder if they can change the depth or shape of their swimming pool. For example, you don’t want it to be a diving pool anymore, but you’d like it to be shallower. Or perhaps you would like to shape out the stairs with a more modern look. It’s all possible.

Removal and replacement of current copings

The stone or concrete material that surrounds the edging of your swimming pool, plays a big role in its overall charm and safety. Options available are poured-in-place concrete, pre-cast concrete material, tiles or natural stone (pavers, flagstone etc.). We can renovate your existing coping or give you an entire new look.

Removal and replacement of current mosaic

If your pool is looking tired and worn, it most likely would do with some new mosaic linings. From mosaic and geometric designs to realistic rustic stone look-a-likes, there are a variety of elegant patterns available.

Fibreglass Swimming Pool Renovation

Our team are experts in their field and dedicated to deliver the highest quality fibreglass workmanship, for both linings and shells that need resurfacing, crack or structural repairs and painting. We also offer installation services for a variety of swimming pool heating options.

We only use specific materials like the 450 g/m sq mat which is thicker, 50% more dense and at least twice as strong as the 300 g/m sq mat.

Marbelite Swimming Pool Renovation

Being one of the most durable of the pool linings, marbelite comes in a variety of colours, the most popular being white, sky blue and charcoal. We can add a few more years to your swimming pool’s life, by reconditioning it. Many times, when these types of pools have many cracks in its lining, we recommend it be fiberglassed, since it clearly has a lot of movement weakening the concrete shell.