We repair and fix any swimming pool problems you might have as a homeowner or commercial client within Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Krugersdorp and Johannesburg.

It happens, swimming pool problems creep up when you least expect it.

Outdoor Creations has extensive experience in all sorts of pool repairs, from the electrical box to the pool pump to even switching to a salt chlorinator.  Our analysis of your pool problem will include not only the current issue but also any future repairs that may arise.

Since everything in and around a swimming pool happens in consequence to another. For example, if your motor runs dry and burns out it can be due to an underground plumbing issue. We can handle of all of these.

Our repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pool leak repairs
  • Weir replacement
  • Sand filters
  • Pool timers
  • New pool equipment
  • DB boards (electrical box)
  • Pool cleaners
  • Pool lights
  • Solar panel
  • Heat pumps
  • Pool nets and covers
  • Pool accessories
  • Pool cleaning
  • Acid washes
  • New mosaic installations and repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Switching to salt chlorinators

Regular maintenance a must

Maintaining your swimming pool is important in avoiding the need for massive and expensive repair. Regular upkeep on the chemicals and scooping out debris and leaves, brushing the walls and using a pool vacuum to clean the floors, can make quite a difference. The tiles at the water line need cleaning. An automatic pool cleaner for daily “hands-free” cleaning is quite useful. Shock the pool by adding the recommended product and amount by your pool professional. Although it’s not hard to maintain, if you do not have the time to ensure the regular maintenance, we will be more than happy to take care it.  


Swimming Pool Nets & Covers

There are a lot of different safety options available and we can recommend the right ones for your type of pool as well as specific requirements and needs, such as pool covers, solid covers with hooks and plates, solar blankets, leaf catchers, slide on covers and safety nets. If it’s woven polyethylene braid nets to UV stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene or vinyl, we will only recommend the best quality and products that we can source for your peace of mind and in keeping your pool beautiful.

Weir Replacement

This is an item that usually lasts quite long, but there does come a time when it simply has had it! The process of installation has a lot more involved than the initial cost of the weir. The water has to first be drained from the pool until below the weir. During this process we remove the paving or tiles around the weir to make space to work. This is all done with utmost care and precision and that you’re happy with the finished product.

Swimming Pool DB board

Our DB boards and electrical boxes comply with industry standards are waterproof and mounted correctly.

Filter Sand in the Pool

If you’re experiencing filter sand flushing into your pool, contact us immediately or you could open up your filter lid, remove the breather pipe, backwash and rinse. It could be that your filter fingers which are located right at the bottom of your sand filter underneath all that sand, are broken. It could also be that when your filter sand is changed, the breather pipe is facing downward and positioned directly into the sand.

Pool Cleaner not moving

This happens quite often, and the problem could be the connection between the weir and the suction line buried underground. Or you simply need to get rid of air locks that have accumulated in the pool system due to low water levels or broken pool cleaner pipes which will create a restriction of water flow in the pump. You need to disconnect your pool cleaner, remove the suction lid and weir basket, fill the pump section with water and run the pool on backwash first until a steady flow of pressure is created. After this is done, switch off the pump, reinsert your weir basket and suction lid and connect the pool cleaner again. Otherwise, we’ll be glad to assist.

Filter Sand Change

Some pools need replacement every two years and others more often. It all depends on the location. Dirt that accumulates in the pool from exterior sources like dust, trees, building rubble and even body lotions, all get trapped inside the filter between the rough-edged sand particles. After a while the sand loses its sharped edged form and becomes smooth. Then it no longer acts as a barrier and dirt will start to return into the pool just as it gets sucked up by the pool cleaner. If you find that your pool suddenly changing from sparkling blue to disgusting green, you might need to change your sand or give us a call.

The Best Pool Cleaner

We can recommend the best products and cleaners for your swimming pool based on our years of experience.

Broken screw in filter lid

This scenario doesn't happen often, but when it does, you are in for a brand-new filter replacement. There is no way of removing a broken screw and you won't be able to operate your filter without one missing. Inspect your screws for any rust and rather replace them if you see any traces of rust.

New installations to be connected with unions

Here is why you need to connect your pool equipment with unions instead of gluing it in. In the event that your multiport cracks on the bottom part and your multiport is glued into the filter, you will need to replace the entire filter. Unions allow for easy disconnection of pool equipment. Glued in fittings makes the job a lot harder to do and it becomes more time consuming to rebuild the connections without bending or forcing in any pipes.

If you are looking for high quality swimming pool repair, call Outdoor Creations on 072 649 2500 or email us on enquiries@outdoorcreations.co.za with your requirement today. Our experts will come over to your location and provide you with a detailed quote after surveying the swimming pool.